Foxcroft & Ginger Flat White

Flat White from Foxcroft and Ginger

Flat White from Foxcroft & Ginger pop-up cafe in a shipping container in Shoredtich.

There are lots of perspectives on the definition of a flat white.

One thought on “Foxcroft & Ginger Flat White”

  1. Costa don’t know how to make a flat white. They served up a milky capuccino.
    A flat white should be mainly coffee with just a thin layer of milk on top. A bit like a macchiato.
    Safer to order a regular coffee if you want it to taste of coffee and not predominantly milk.
    Cafe Concerto in Westfields know how to make a flat white. Doesn’t mean their other branches will though.

  2. Now this sounds better than the other recipe of espresso with gallons of milk to spoil it.
    I will save this and try it tomorrow.

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