Tickle: Digital Marketing for Technology Companies

Tickle is a book about using social media as part of your business, brand and marketing. I’ve focused on technology companies because they should be the best at social media. But they’re not.

Tickle social media book
Tickle: Digital marketing for technology companies

The name of the book comes from the old practise of tickling a trout. Which is to stalk a fish by getting close without spooking it. The same is true in online marketing where you want to get to know your customer in their natural environment.

The core of the book is new research on how to use social media to intensively target an important customer. B2B companies will find practical advice and some surprising case studies.

Tickle Best Seller
Tickle in the Amazon Store in Kindle and Hardcopy.

The book is available on Amazon as a hardcopy paperback:

The book is available on Amazon for the Kindle:

You can read more about the project on my Amazon author page Peter Thomson Author Page.

2 thoughts on “Tickle: Digital Marketing for Technology Companies”

    1. The principles in the book apply equally to any B2B company. I used tech companies as the examples because they have interesting challenges but any complex service with multiple decision makers in the buying process will benefit from the ideas in the book.

      Any industry where your reputation and personal relationships with customers are important can benefit from using social media in a more professional way.

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