Giddy Up

Giddy Up has real heritage as a local coffee venue. The baristas are excellent.

Coffee Cart Barbican London
The Giddy Up Coffee Cart off Whitecross Market is a real local gem

On the day, the flat white was actually only ok, not amazing. The mouth feel was a bit tart and the froth wasn’t as velvety as it could have been. But the overall experience was stunning.

If you’re in the area then make the time to stop by and drink your coffee in the park. It’s a London institution.

One thought on “Giddy Up”

  1. As we are recently ‘new’ at The Green, Islington,weekends are special since discovering the Giddyup Coffee Stall on the Green;(in spite of the Council fencing the Park off) and It would be nice if GiddyUp was there,but more during the Week, instead of only at weekends.? Thanks for the SUPER lovely dreamy coffees, made by such a nice man too, it sure helps!! (:> Annie

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