Best coffee in Copenhagen

We went to Copenhagen especially to go to Noma but discovered a surprisingly evolved coffee culture. Denmark has lots of coffee shops because it’s so cold and dark in Winter. Going out for coffee with friends seems to be a national pastime because it gives you an excuse to get out of the house. When the weather improves, it’s still nice to have coffee in Copenhagen and the city really comes to life.

Flat White Copenhagen
The best flat white in Denmark at Coffee Collective Copenhagen.

Noma was voted as the best restaurant in the world for a few years running. They recently had a food safety issue, but it’s still an amazing restaurant. A real culinary adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the creativity was truly inspiring. While in Copenhagen we went exploring to find the best Flat White in Denmark.

Coffee Collective Copenhagen

Coffee Collective are fast growing, independent, professional and make great coffee. They have a new book out and the atmosphere at their cafes is very welcoming. Brian from Dear Coffee I Love You had gotten me really excited about visiting the Coffee Collective. It’s a real centre of energy for the independent coffee culture in Scandinavia.

Coffee Collective Copenhagen
Coffee Collective Copenhagen.

We also went to Cafe Royal in the centre of town. Its’s set back down a lovely little alleyway. The service at Cafe Royal was not ideal and the coffee was good, but a bit variable. Even so, the hidden location is so central and the overall experience was so good that we went back several times.

Cafe Royal Denmark
Royal Cafe Copenhagen

There were lots of other great cafes dotted around town. The best way to find them is on FourSquare, where the local students and design community post regular reviews and comments.

3 thoughts on “Best coffee in Copenhagen”

  1. Cool article, I am glad people are getting more into Scandinavian coffee. The roasters in Scandinavia are currently sourcing some of the best beans and making some of the best coffee available. Coffee Collective is one of these.

    Another roaster (from Norway) is Tim Wendelboe. Recently he has teamed up with Noma to provide them with top-flight coffee. It’s ironic that you might have found the best flat white at Noma if you tried it? I am headed there in two months, so I sincerely hope it’s good!

  2. Hi, I’m a coffee lover. I’ll be at copanhegan for a week. Besides the shops you mentioned above, do you have any other good recommendation for best coffee at Copenhagen?

    1. We used FourSquare and Twitter to search for other locations while we were on the ground. There are lots of little local places but the ones in the article are the ones worth crossing town to go to.

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