Best cafe in Yorkshire

On the way back from Yorkshire we stopped off in the city of York. We wandered the old town, climbed the city walls and got a little bit lost. But we couldn’t find any good coffee in York. We were about to cave in and go to Costa but I jumped on FourSquare and found The Attic cafe. The ground floor looks like a normal tea rooms (The Harlequin) so we’d ignored it while walking through town. But hidden upstairs is a local focussed cafe where the owner is pulling world-class coffee shots.

Flat White coffee from Attic
The Attic cafe is hidden on the top floor above a tearooms and serves a mean Flat White.

I would have been happy enough with a Flat White. But he made a double, ristretto based Flat White that I’m still thinking about days later. Gordon has won a number of barista competitions and we had a good gossip about the London coffee roasting scene. The cafe wasn’t officially open yet but he could tell from the Kiwi accent my pained expression that I was desperate for a real coffee.

Best coffee in York
Gordon has a wonderful commitment to great coffee. Proof that location is no barrier to a real passion.

The Attic has started selling local beers so it’s becoming a nice relaxed place to hang out in the evenings. If you’re ever in Yorkshire then make sure to stop by.

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  1. If you’re ever in York again, there’s another great coffee house not far from the Attic of Fossgate called Spring Espresso, well worth checking out.

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