Hunting the Flat White around the world

I’d love to hear from people about cafes in unexpected places around the world that serve a Flat White. Where is the weirdest and most of out of the way place that you’ve found a Flat White?

I’m building a FourSquare list so that if you’re ever travelling to an out of the way place you can be pleasantly surprised by just how far the Flat White has spread. So far I’ve been doing the hunting manually and I’ve found a Flat White in Paris, an excellent Flat White in Copenhagen, a burnt but heart-felt Flat White on the island of Malta and I’m looking for more.

The current list of obscure places to get a Flat White is on Foursquare at:

You can post in the comments below to suggest other flat white locations. The more obscure the better.

16 thoughts on “Hunting the Flat White around the world”

  1. I recently took my mum out for her first coffee in December (typically I take my coffee black, however knowing that the flavors would be a little to intense for my mum, I opted to share a latte with her). My love for a good latte was rediscovered and upon reading about flat whites on your blog, I am planning to pay a visit to the San Francisco location you have pinned up on your map. Cheers!

  2. You will find Flat Whites everywhere in my hometown of New Zealand 🙂 I miss them in London – have to settle for lattes which just aren’t the same!

    1. Stumbling on cafes in London doesn’t work for finding a Flat White, but if you’re willing to hunt them, then there are some world-class cafes in London. I live off the London Coffee Map (iPhone application) and the Independent Coffee Book London. Both are essential for Kiwis in London.

  3. Having recently moved back to South Africa from the UK, I’ve been on the hunt for a half decent flat white. My wife and became truely addicted to flat whites after a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand in 2010, with special mentiotopping to Melbourne – what a great coffee vibe.

    SA is in the stone age when it comes to coffee, a flat white by local definition is either a latte but with no foam whatsoever, or the barrista just roles their eyes and says “just a cappuccino then?” very frustrating.

    But I did manage to find a little place in Plettenberg bay in the eastern cape of South Africa called “Hola cafe”, with a very strong South American / Argentinian feel to it that served a very good at white. Well presented and all what you’d expect in the velvet free poured micro foamdepartmen, infused with a rich aromatic but not bitter espresso crema, and some great latte art to top it off.

    Unfortunately my travels round SA haven’t yielded any more gems like the Hola Cafe but the search continues on a daily basis.

  4. We reckon these are the places to find the best flat whites in Cape Town:

    Deluxe Coffeeworks – Roodehek Street, Gardens. We’re locals here, not just because our offices are around the corner but because we know a damn fine coffee when we smell one. If you’re having a take-away, take away at least two cups. The house blend – 45% Brazil, 45% Guatemala, 10% Ethiopia – is the perfect combination of rich and creamy, smooth and strong. What started as an evening burger joint in a garage called The Dog’s Bollocks was extended and now the L-shaped property includes the Deluxe micro-coffee roastery and a lunch-time eatery, known as The Bitches’ Tits. Hey we didn’t name the place… The design is rustic and trendy, with bicycles on the wall and a giant roaster alongside motorbikes, old records, t-shirts for sale, wire garden furniture, loud music and leather couches held down by men with tattoos. It’s somewhere you imagine The Beats would have hung out.

    Bread, Milk & Honey – 10 Spin Street, City Bowl. It has a homely, intimate feel and is amid the hustle and bustle of the CBD with a mixed clientele – everyone from students to photographers to lawyers. The bubbly service and excellent coffee is a great way to start the day.

    Loading Bay – 30 Hudson Street, Die Waterkant. Hipster capital, with a variety of coffees and a hip layout inside and out. Bring your fixie bicycle and grab a cuppa before or during work.

    Haas – 67 Rose Street, BoKaap. On the outskirts of the CBD, this small, quirky coffee shop has excellent coffees and pastries, with seats inside and out. Plus, it’s the only place we know of where you can buy the very sought-after (read: expensive) Indonesian Kopi Luwak beans. Google them.

    Gusto – 117 Hatfield Street, Gardens. Still a firm favourite of ours since it’s on the route to work. Tom the man behind the counter knows us by name, as he does many of the regulars. It’s small, with a covered outside area to sit in, just up the road from the Company Gardens. They serve a delicious coffee (compliments of Deluxe roastery) and sweet and savoury treats too.

  5. You will get a flat white in Lerwick, Shetland at the Peerie Shop Cafe! Really really great coffee. I miss that when I am down here in London.


  6. I currently live in Australia but was positively surpised when couple of months ago I found flat white on the menu of a local roastery/cafe in Finland, Helsinki. I’m originally from Helsinki and could swear this was the first flat white ever landed there. The place is called Kaffa Roastery (Pursimiehenkatu 29, Helsinki). The flat white I had was very Australian, one shot, throughly well poured micro-foam.

  7. Come to my home town of Shrewsbury, shropshire! I’d love to make you a flat white, and see what you think! Ask for The Libertine when you get here!

  8. just found a pretty good flat white at:

    Cafés El Magníficomore info‎
    Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64
    08003 Barcelona, Spain

  9. Live near Seattle, home of Starbucks. Flat White is not on the menu. Had to go to London to find out what it is.

  10. Panther coffee in Miami. Buddy Brew Tampa. Cameno bakery in Winston Salem North Carolina. Foxy Coffee in Savannah Georgia. Cinnamon cafe in Windsor UK.

  11. I work at Espresso to Go Go in Wichita, KS and we do a badass Flat White, served straight up or with raw sugar, super tasty.

  12. Best flat whites in Bali:
    – Hungry Bird in Berawa, Canggu (great barista here)
    – Watercress in Batu Belig

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