I’ve been lucky to work with some great clients and agencies. I’ve provided brand strategy, digital strategy and business strategy to clients from a variety of industries. I now specialise in social media for technology companies. The lists below include companies that I’ve been employed by, consulted with or done client work with.


I started out as a lawyer and worked my way through business strategy, management consulting, brand strategy, public relations and social media. The consistent theme has been I’ve always enjoyed working with companies that have complex problems and need to communicate more clearly.

Digital Strategy Clients

Recently I’ve been specialising in social media, digital strategy and ways to bring a brand to life online. I still believe in the mix of paid, owned and earned media. Digital brand strategy needs to be grounded in a good idea, a clear strategy and a story you haven’t heard before.

Brand Strategy Clients

I approach brand strategy as a business problem. How to communicate clearly and inspire your customers to make a purchase. Good brands can add real value to a business.

Design Strategy Clients

I was lucky to become involved in the design thinking movement in the nineties and to be responsible for working with lots of New Zealand companies to help them embrace design as a tool in their brand, product and processes.

Business Advisory Clients

Early on in my career I worked as a venture capital lawyer and worked on a number of mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. I also worked on a number of business strategy and management consulting projects to support company restructuring and capital raising.

You can find out more about my work history on my LinkedIn profile at Peter Thomson LinkedIn and read about my background in the about Peter Thomson section of this site.